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About Enjoybook.ru coupon code

Enjoybook.ru is a handmade photo book! We see our mission as reviving the tradition of printed photographs in every family and developing photography as an art. We manage to realize this mission only thanks to our clients: since 2013, they have been entrusting us with their photographs and memories.

To create a stylish photo book you no longer need to be a professional photographer or designer, you do not need much time. Our designers have created a minimalistic ideal form, the client can only upload their photos. You can place an order in three clicks:

1) upload a photo,

2) fill in the data,

3) send an application.

CA: Women 25-35 years old

Interests: family, photography, travel, psychology, handmade, home improvement

GEO: 50% – Moscow, 30% – St. Petersburg. 20% – regions and abroad

Popular themes of photo books according to our clients: wedding, family, travel, love-story, children’s.

We regularly launch several limited covers with unusual designs from different materials – up to 5 limits per year! This is also why every fourth person buys 2 or more photo books.

The main collection now has 8 colors: turquoise, burgundy, dark green, purple, light blue, mint, beige. black cover.